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Sociedad Española de Malacología

International Congress on Bivalvia

Organised by

July 22 - 27, 2006
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra, Catalunya, Spain

1st Circular

The Departament de Geologia-Area Palaeontologia of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), the Sociedad Española de Malacología (SEM), and CosmoCaixa Barcelona, Museu de la Ciència de l'Obra Social "la Caixa", invite professionals and students with a special interest in bivalves to participate in Bivalvia 2006, an international congress with venue on the campus of the UAB in Bellaterra and at the Museu de la Ciència in Barcelona.
After nearly eight years of abstinence we think it is time for a new specific congress on this second largest group of Mollusca and to venture a new synthesis. Neontologists and paleontologists are invited to present their most recent research results on bivalve ontogeny, evolution, palaeontology, systematics, freshwater mussels, conservational biology, and stratigraphy. Contributions on other molluscan taxa are acceptable as long as they shed light on the origin and phylogeny of the Bivalvia. Syntheses are especially welcome. Detailed works on single organisms or containing extensive taxonomic lists should be presented as a poster.
For students at the Facultat de Ciències of the UAB, participation in the Congress is eligible as a course of free election valued with 2 credits (curs academic 2005/06; institutió: 98000372 - Unitat Paleontologia. Departament de Geologia de la UAB).
The Congress venue is the Facultat de Filosofia i Lletres de la UAB which is about a 10 minutes walk away from the accommodation facilities on the University campus. Plenary sessions will be celebrated in the Auditori and parallel sessions in smaller conference rooms close to it. Posters will be exposed around the Auditori. One afternoon session will take place in the Museu de Ciència (CosmoCaixa).

Accommodation will be on the campus, either in the Hotel Serhs or the students’ residence “Vila Universitaria” next to the hotel.

Informal registrations can be sent to N. Malchus
a) fax +34-93 581 12 63 “Bivalvia 2006-register” or
b) [email protected] (subject line: “Bivalvia2006-register”).

Please specify name, institution, whether you wish to present a talk or poster, and preliminary title. Do not send abstracts.
Formal registrations require the use of the registration forms provided on the congress webpage: Only in case of technical problems contact a) or b) (above) for your formal registration.

Programme (preliminary)
The congress offers three days of plenary and open sessions and poster presentations and one day each of a pre-congress and a post-congress excursion. There will be a number of social events for congress delegates and accompanying persons and a touristic by-programme for accompanying persons provided there is sufficient interest.

Plenary sessions with keynotes
Evolutionary and population genetics
Bivalve molluscs with maternal and paternal mitochondrial genomes: where are we now? (Prof. Eleftherios Zouros)
Evolutionary Palaeontology
Paleontological perspectives on early bivalve evolution (Prof. Joseph G. Carter)
Early development
Towards the evolution of molluscan ontogeny (Prof. Gerhard Haszprunar)
Biomineralisation of nacre in Mollusca (Prof. Antonio Checa)
Freshwater bivalve
Biodiversity at crossroads: mass extinction versus global expansion of freshwater bivalves. The Ebro river experience (Dr. Cristian Altaba)

Other sessions
Planning session
Towards the revision of the "Treatise of Invertebrate Paleontology – Part N, Mollusca 6 (Bivalvia)" (coordination: Prof. Joseph Carter and Prof. Roger Thomas)
Open oral and poster sessions
Advances in bivalve research
Annual ordinary meeting of the Sociedad Española de Malacología

Field excursions (1 day)
Present-day bivalves
Freshwater to marine environments with bivalves in the Ebro delta (Dr. Cristian Altaba)
Fossil bivalves
Biostratigraphy and ecology of Upper Cretaceous carbonate platforms with rudist bivalves (Catalan Pyrenees) (Drs. Josep Maria Pons and Enric Vicens)

Preliminary schedule

Saturday, July 22
17.00-21.00h: Reception of participants of the pre-excursion
(dinner on your own)
Sunday, July 23
07.00-21.00h: Pre-congress excursion
17.00-23.00h: Reception and "ice breaker" cocktail
Monday, July 24
09.00-13.00h: opening session, scientific sessions (1 coffee break)
13.00-15.00h: lunch
15.00-19.00h: scientific sessions (1 coffee break)
Tuesday, July 25
08.30-13.00h: Oral sessions, poster presentation (1 coffee break)
13.00-14.30h: lunch
14.30-15.00h: gathering for bus transport to the Museu CosmoCaixa
16.00-18.30h: welcome and 2 plenary talks (1 coffee break)
18.30-20.30h: refreshment and guided tour through the museum
20.30h: bus transport to the University campus
Wednesday, July 26
08.30-13.00h: scientific sessions (1 coffee break)
13.00-15.00h: lunch
15.00-19.00h: poster session (1 coffee break)
16.30-19.00h: planning session for the bivalve treatise
17.30-19.00h: annual meeting of the Soc. Española de Malacología
19.30-20.00h: gathering for the bus transport to the museums
20.30-23.30h: museum visits and business dinner
24.00h: bus transport to the University campus
Thursday, 27
06.30-21.00h: post-congress excursion

Social events
Ice breaker
The ice breaker reception will be held on Sunday, July 23, 2006 at the Atrium of Serhs Hotel. It is included in the registration fee.
Visit to the Museu de Ciència
On Tuesday, July 25, the 2 plenary talks in the Museu will be combined with a snack afterwards and a giuded tour. The event is included in the registration fee and accompanying persons are invited to participate.
The museum has been recently renovated and largely expanded. Indoor exhibits are now distributed over a three-story, light-flooded hall of modern glass architecture with a rather artful presentation of exquisite items and phenomena from life science, physics, astronomy and geology.

Visit to the Museu de Ciències Naturals de la Ciutadella/business dinner
The visit to the museum needs confirmation! Presently we plan for the evening of the last day with scientific sessions (Wednesday) a visit to the Museu de Ciències Naturals de la Ciutadella (MCNC, Ajuntament de Barcelona), that is, to the neoclassic Museu de Geologia (actually the first purpose-built museum of Barcelona, built 1882) and the modernistic (Catalan Art-déco) Museu de Zoologia -‘Castle of the three Dragons’ (built 1887). The visit would be free to accompanying persons. We hope to be able to combine this with the (closing) business dinner (at extra cost).
The museums are situated on one flank of the Parc de la Ciutadella. The park itself was constructed for the Barcelona Universal Exhibition in 1888 on the grounds of a large garrison fort which Philip V raised in 1716 (flattening an entire district of Barcelona) in order to keep the resistant citizens under control.

By-programme for accompanying persons
For accompanying persons we offer a choice between three thematic, full-day touristic excursions. The prices are calculated for the participation of at least 26 persons and include the guide and entrance fees. Lunch is not included in the fee.
A) Barcelona: Modernism (Catalan Art-Deco) (includes Gaudí, Picasso) (ca. 43 Euros)
B) Barcelona: Gothic (includes "Casc antic" with cathedral) (ca. 36 Euros)
C) emblematic mountain and monastry Montserrat, and Cava Cellars (ca. 40 Euros)

Important dates
Early registration: until March 1, 2006
On-site registration: after July 14, 2006 only on-site registration is possible
Cancellation with refunding: until June 1, 2006
Abstract submission deadline: April 30, 2006

Registration fees

Registration fees (Euros/person) Please tick your category (number of accompanying persons in brackets)
Payment received Until March 01, 2006 Until July 14, 2006
Invited speaker N/A N/A
Regular 165 195
Member (see page 2) 130 160
Student 75 90
Accompanying person(s) 50 ( ) 60 ( )
Extras (in Euros/person) (please specify number of persons within brackets)
Business Dinner 50 ( ) 50 ( )
Pre-Excursion A (Ebro delta) 80 ( ) 80 ( )
Post-Excursion B (Pyrenees) 80 ( ) 80 ( )
By-programme Specify no. of persons for 1st. choice, make (X) for second choice
- A: Barcelona Modernism- B: Barcelona Gothic- C: Montserrat & Cava Cellars 43 ( )36 ( )40 ( ) 43 ( )36 ( )40 ( )

What is included in the inscription rate?

Congress delegates:
- Welcome bag, icebreaker cocktail, coffee breaks
- lunch (days 24, 25, 26)
- the two bus shuttles to and from Barcelona, visits of CosmoCaixa (with snack and guided tour) and Parc de la Ciutadella (or another place to be specified).

Accompanying persons:
- welcome bag (without scientific programme and abstract volume)
- icebreaker cocktail
- the shuttles to and from Barcelona
- the talks at CosmoCaixa with snack and guided tour through the Museum CosmoCaixa.

Scientific excursions include the excursion guide, refreshments and a light meal .

By-programme tours include the guide and entrance fees.


Hotel Serhs
Price/night: 77.50 Euros (for both single or double occupancy)
Breakfast buffet included; VAT of 7% not included.

Vila Universitaria apartments
You have the choice between four apartment types (A-D):
A: one dormitory, 2 beds: 57,5 Euros/night (week: 335,52 Euros)
B: two dormitories, 4 beds: 83,8 euros/night (week 492,14 Euros)
C: three dormitories, 5 beds: 100,3 Euros/night (week 591,03 Euros)
D: small studio (individual), 2 beds: 52,71 euros/night (week 293,53 Euros).

The prices include linen and towels; VAT of 7% is not included. Cleaning service and change of linen is available at extra cost. You have access to a common cleaning room with washing machines.

The basic inscription fee includes three lunch meals (Mon, Tue, Wed), dinner will be on your own. The Serhs Hotel has a restaurant. But you might wish to go downtown or visit one of the nearby small towns. You reach both Sabadell and Sant Cugat within 20 minutes by train including the walk to the station. Restaurants are close to the train stations. They do generally not open before 20.30h, some at 21h. Many bars offer light meals ("tapas") throughout the day.
Note that there are two evening events planned. The first includes a snack (included in the inscription fee), the second is the business dinner (at extra cost).

Cancellation policy
Substitutions will be accepted in case a registered delegate be unable to attend. The full registration fee, less an administration charge of 20% will be refunded for cancellations received before June 1, 2006. No refunds of registration fees will be made after this date.

For a valid cancellation, send a signed cancellation note by fax +34936755867 or E-mail to [email protected] Please send a CC to [email protected]

Organising Committee
Dr. Cristian Altaba, Universitat de les Illes Balears
Dr. Antonio Checa, Universidad de Granada
Dr. Jaume Gallemí, Museu de Geologia (MCNC)
Dr. Eulalia Gili, UAB
Dr. Nikolaus Malchus (president), UAB
Dr. Ricard Martínez, UAB
Dr. Josep Ma. Pons (vice-president), UAB
Dr. Carlos Saavedra, Instituto de Acuicultura-Torre La Sal, Castellón (IATS-CSIC)
Dr. José Templado, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid (CSIC)
Dr. Francesc Uribe, Museu de Zoologia (MCNC)
Dr. Enric Vicens, UAB

Scientific Committee
Dr. Cristian Altaba, Universitat de les Illes Balears
Dr. Rudiger Bieler, The Field Museum, Chicago, USA
Dr. David Campbell, University of Alabama, USA
Dr. Joseph Carter, University of North Carolina, USA
Dr. Antonio Checa, Universidad de Granada
Dr. Graciela Delvene, Museo Geominero, Madrid
Dr. Jaume Gallemí, Museu de Geologia (MCNC)
Dr. Eulalia Gili, UAB
Dr. Gonzalo Giribet, Harvard University, USA
Dr. Serge Gofas, Universidad de Malaga
Dr. Elizabeth Harper, Cambridge University, UK
Dr. Gerhard Haszprunar, Zoologische Staatssammlung München, Germany
Dr. Katrin Linse, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK
Dr. Gregori López, UAB
Dr. Nikolaus Malchus, UAB
Dr. Ricard Martínez, UAB
Dr. Paula Mikkelsen, American Museum of Natural History, NY, USA
Dr. Diarmaid Ó Foighil, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan, USA
Dr. Juan Peña, Instituto de Acuicultura Torre la Sal, Castellón (IATS-CSIC)
Dr. Josep Ma. Pons, UAB
Dr. Carlos Saavedra, Instituto de Acuicultura-Torre La Sal, Castellón (IATS-CSIC)
Dr. Carmen Salas, Universidad de Malaga
Dr. José Templado, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid (CSIC)
Dr. Enric Vicens, UAB
Dr. Eleftherios Zouros, University of Crete

Sponsors and collaborating institutions
- Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
- Ajuntament de Cerdanyola
- Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
- Museu de Ciències Naturals de la Ciutadella (MCNC, Ajuntament de Barcelona)
- Agència de Promoció d'Activitats i de Congressos (APAC), Fundació UAB